The Trailer

The Do It For Daniel documentary is currently underway. We still need $70,000 to finish the movie. Funds will be used for editors, rental equipment, a sound studio for recording narration, music rights, game footage costs and film festival participation. We are doing as much of the production as we can ourselves to save on cost. Donations can be made to our paypal account. We would be grateful if you shared the campaign with your social media connections, friends and family. It can be hard to tell who is suffering with this disease. Perhaps yourself or someone you love. We believe this movie will save lives. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, please check out our Resources page to get help. 

Finally, and most importantly, we would like to thank the wonderful people of Ishpeming, Michigan for their hospitality (shout out to Congress Pizzas!), the Olson family for opening their hearts and home to us and to Ishpeming High School for helping to shape future generations.

-The Crew

*If you were casted in the movie and would like to donate, please do so under an alternative name. Our hope is to sell the rights to this film to a major distributor post-production and it would be a conflict of interest to have you in the credits as both participant and funder. If you have questions, please email us. Thanks so much!